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6 Weeks Of Suitcase Living...

3 weeks ago we said goodbye to most of our belongings, they got packed up and shipped off to the uk hopefully to arrive at the same time as us (I can see far enough that that will not be the case but we can deal with that when the time comes). I now have two very confused, slightly bored and extremely high maintenance toddlers to try and entertain over not only a 6 week period but also 2 weeks of Easter holidays #thejoys

We are lucky enough that the military provide issue furniture for us to use while ours is being shipped so I’m sure we are living more comfortably than others in our situation. However some of their fabric choices are definitely questionable, take a look at our pics for the beautiful patchwork sofa we are currently rocking 🤣 Our remaining belongings need to fit into 4 suitcases in a few weeks time so we are definitely living on basics but in some ways I’m enjoying it, makes a nice change from the usual chaos and clutter.

I read a poem recently about how military children are like dandelions, being able to set up roots and flurish anywhere so I do hope this is true of my two. Being only 3.5 & nearly 2 they havent encountered too many big changes in their little lives so far, this will definitely be the most testing but I’m hoping they will stay strong and enjoy the adventure ✨

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