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British Science Week 🧪

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

We were very kindly sent some science toys from Learning Resources UK, so Max could get hands on with science during British Science Week🔬

The first kit he tried out was the 'Beaker Creatures, Whirling Wave Reactor'. This fab set comes with two beaker creatures, one that comes out of the reactor egg during an experiment; and the other is limited edition and changes colour. On top of this the set gives instructions to some other experiments you can try out at home using things readily available in the cupboard. This kit is really fab, it encourages children to experiment, identify, log results, and explore; and Max enjoyed every minute 🧫

Next up Max tried the 12 piece 'Yuckology' slime lab. This set comes with some fab tools for creating and exploring slime, as well as a number of recipes so you can make lots of different kinds of slime at home. The only small downside for me is that no slime is included in the set and you don't know the recipe ingredients before opening the box, and unfortunately we didn't have anything in the cupboard suitable, so I had a slightly sad little boy until we went to the shop. However once we had the ingredients, he had loads of fun making and mixing up the slime, experimenting with the texture and gave this set a big thumbs up 🧪

Learning Resources have a huge range of science toys, for kids of all ages. So while we are all housebound due to the lock-down, why not give them a visit and see if there is anything to interest your little scientists 🤖 |AD

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