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We were very kindly gifted tickets to Diggerland Durham to review, so we decided to go for Max’s birthday as he loves any kind of vehicle and Diggerland would be right up his street.

Unfortunately the weather was not on our side but the boys were so excited they couldn't wait to get in 🚜 it was set to rain the entire day so we wrapped up in our best waterproofs and off we went.

First up we went digging on the 'Dippy Ducks', both boys weren't tall enough to go on by themselves but it was fine as they could be accompanied by and adult. To begin with it was hard to control the arm but once I got the hang of it Leo and I won the race to get all the ducks out first 🏆 can you guess who had the most fun though?? (my bets are on grandad)

Next was the 'Dig-a-Round', designed as a smaller version of the 'Spindizzy' for kids and both the boys were big enough to go on by themselves...but for some reason I thought it was a good idea to go on with them which resulted in me getting soaked...but the boys really enjoyed themselves.

Bear and I had our first turn at driving and it was the 'Robots", helped out by our trusty assistants Max & Leo. Again the boys were too small to do this by themselves but it wasn't an issue as they could ride with us. I can happily report there was no crashing from either vehicle and had it been a race, Leo and I would have won!!

Leo was too small to go on the 'Groundshuttle' so while the rest of us went on it Leo & Daddy went to do some muddy 'Dirt Diggers' which we then joined after. Up until this point I was fed up of the rain...however 'Dirt Diggers' was brilliant and even more so thanks to the wet soggy was particularly satisfying to see it squelch around and a cheeky someone may have been aiming to splash his grandparents who were waiting at the side.

The boys loved the 'Mini Landrover', probably because they were solely in control and all grownups were behind the fence 😂 #thegetawaycar They went on this ride a few times and were less than pleased at having to get off. I was very impressed with Max's driving, the car was pretty nippy and track very windy but he only crashed a couple of times.

Group Photo on the 'Sky Shuttle"

This took us up, up and and away for some lovely views, it was a bit wet and cold so probably not as enjoyable as it would have been on a nice day but still good to experience.

Don’t let the happy face fool you, Leo was not happy he wasn’t fully in Control of the 'Dumper Truck' and had a full scale tantrum half way round 🙈 which wasn't ideal when on the slowest moving vehicle around...but never mind. Not one of my favourites, it was pretty hard to control and required a lot of wheel action for even the slightest turn but Max & Daddy on the truck behind enjoyed it.

'Diggerland Train' advice for anyone over 5ft...don’t sit in the barrel seats 🤣 However look at those happy little faces driving their element!!!

The rain became a bit too much so we headed inside and found lots to do ☔️ some more diggers, a soft play, bouncy castle, cars and best of all (for me anyway) a cafe that was so reasonably priced!!!

After a couple more rides it was nearly closing time so we decided to hit the road. The boys had the best time and we are ever so grateful to Diggerland for giving us this opportunity.

For anyone interest in going I would suggest not going on a crazy wet day, although there were zero queues and fun muddy puddles, some of the rides were closed and the majority of activities are outside which does eventually put a dampener on the day. I would however suggest going the day after so you get the dry weather but the messy muddy puddles. We had 4 gifted tickets and paid for 4 as my parents, sister and her boyfriend attend. Everyone from 90cm (so around 2 years old) - 64 years pay the same £23.95. I understand this as both the kids (aged 2 & 4) were able to go on pretty much everything, however its slightly on the pricey compared to other theme parks, especially for grown ups who are not necessarily getting the same thrill from digging as a child. Still we had a wonderful day at Diggerland, especially for a birthday treat and I definitely recommend it to anyone with children. For more pics and videos from the day, check out the highlight on my instagram page

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