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Holiday Essentials When Travelling With Little Ones...

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Having lived in Cyprus for 3 years I feel pretty in the know of what works and doesn’t work when holidaying with little ones. As it’s summer and lots of your will be venturing abroad I thought I’d make a list of my must haves...

- Aden + Anais Oversized Muslin

These come everywhere with me, they are so versatile I honestly don't think I could live without them. They make the perfect lightweight blanket, sunshade, play mat, towel, bib, changing matt...the list is endless (I've even seen Bear use one as a pillow on a plane - not just good for kids)

- Cheap Sun Hat (cheaper the better - I think these were ASDA)

Everyone knows my boys love wearing a back to front snapback cap but I don't tend to take them on holiday as when worn back to front they don't offer any protection and also they are prone to getting covered in sea, sand and or pool water. For this reason I stock up on a few super cheap bucket hats that can get as grubby and well used as they like.

- Crocs Crocband Sandals

These are without a doubt our ultimate must have! They can be worn on the beach and in and around the pool but are also stylish enough to wear for lunch and sturdy enough for walking around touristing. It doesn't matter how often or where they are worn they still manage to maintain an almost new look (I find other sandals deteriorate after lots of use in the above situations)

- Baby Power (I've photographed Johnsons but any brand will do)

This is a must have for any beach visits. Do you cringe at the thought of trying to get all the sand off those teeny baby toes? Well cringe no more as baby powder rubbed on will help to remove the sand with ease making your little one more comfortable and allowing you to leave the sand at the beach instead of inside your shoes, bag, towels, car...basically everywhere you look for the next month.

- Metanium

This stuff is a god send, little ones are prone to nappy rash on holiday because of the heat causing extra sweat, the change in water, humidity and the likely hood they will be at the beach or pool. I find using this cream over night keeps rashes at bay and keeps baby comfortable.

- Bepanthen Baby Sun Cream SPF50+

Suitable for sensitive skin, water resistant and free from colours, fragrances, parabens or other preservatives. Lightweight and creamy, not at all sticky and extremely easy to apply (be prepared, applying suncream is about as easy as wrestling a crocodile) this is by far the best cream I found when the kids were tiny and I still use it on them now. The tube is a nice size for keeping in your handbag or changing bag so I have it on me all the time, even in the uk.

- Forever Sewing Official Lounge Suits

The kids wear these anytime we are travelling, they are comfy, look smart and are made with such good quality materials. With a huge range of options to choose from including cotton or ribbed material, shorts or dresses, not to mention that every item is hand made and can be personalised with names/initials, its safe to say Forever Sewing have all your clothing needs covered. We also always have a spare set in the kids changing bag abroad and in the uk as they can fold away nice and small so as not to take up too much room.

- Duplo

I always take duplo with us when we are going anywhere that I need the kids to behave (car, plane, restaurant etc) I find the endless options and creativity really keeps them entertained far longer than other toys and keeps "screen time" (our emergency backup) to a minimum. Funnily enough when the boys were at my parents recently dad found a box of my old duplo and the design has barely changed in 30 odd years...they are obviously doing something right!

So there you have it, our top travelling must haves.

Just to note this is not an AD and none of these items were gifted, these are purely my own favourite tried and tested items that I hope you will enjoy too. My kids don't have any allergies or sensitive skin so please do extra checks on ingredients etc before use if yours do.

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