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Review - Learning Resources uk

A couple of very lucky boys received a big box of goodies to review from Learning Resources Uk!!!

Inside was a Design & Drill Dumper Truck, a Super Sorting Pie and two packs of 8 mixed Playfoam one coloured, one glow in the dark.

First up we gave the Play Foam a try as I had heard good things about it being mess free and wanted to see for myself. As a mother with slight (aka extreme) OCD I really struggle with messy play and often feel the boys miss out on things because I can't mentally cope with the mess, even play doh and paint have me flapping around like a crazy bird ruining all the fun. Thankfully in Cyprus they both attended childcare where they got lots of messy play so it wasn't such an issue but now back in the uk only Max is receiving this so I feel the need to get out of my comfort zone and make a messy effort for Leo (insert cringing stressed face emoji)

On first inspection I was slightly wary, it looked like a zillion tiny little balls all brightly coloured and sparkly, however once out of the pack it was clear to see mess was going to be minimal.

It's movements were similar to that of play doh but for a mess stressed mum it is soooooooo much better. If a small part came away it was easy to stick back together, the sparkles stayed attached and even rolling the playfoam on the carpet, table and numerous other surfaces no colour or foam became permanently stuck on anything

The boys enjoyed building shapes with the foam and on another occasion we used cookie cutters to cut out our shapes. I also have plans to hide things in the foam for them to dig out and maybe use it to try and build the letters of their names or numbers. The glow in the dark foam is also very cool, the room does need to be pretty dark for it to glow so I can see this being more enjoyable for slightly older kids as my two just wanted the lights back but they enjoyed playing with it all the same.

Next up was the Super Sorting Pie with its brightly coloured fruit and two sets of pinchers for collecting. I had so many hopes for this pie as it looked wonderful and it didn't disappoint.

There are 20 months between the boys so both at very different stages of learning but this pie has options to accommodate both their learning.

First off the pinchers and small pieces of fruit are great for developing those fine motor skills and strengthening the hand muscles, Max got the hang pretty quickly but Leo is still needing some help. Next up is the activity cards, the pie comes with 6 different cards that slot in the bottom of the pie allowing the kids to arrange the fruit into 5 pie sections, these include colours, numbers and kinds of fruit.

Leo is just learning colours, counting and expanding his vocabulary so this was good for him but while putting fruit in the colours or variety sections we would count them and he is now after a month of playing able to name, recognise and colour match all the fruit to the correct colour as well as counting each piece of fruit (up to 10) while he's doing it.

Max is learning number recognition at the moment so we used the number insert and he would put in the corresponding amount of fruit in each section, I've been trying similar ideas at home and while out and about but this has been by far the most successful and kept him engaged.

Overall I'm very impressed with the quality and experience of the pie and can see it being a vital part of the boys at home learning for a long time.

Finally the Design & Drill Dumper Truck ... I saved the best till last!!! This little truck has not only kept the boys entertained but has also encouraged them to learn, play and explore together (something that usually results in fighting)

The truck arrives in lots of pieces and a battery powered screw driver (their favourite bit) that can screw in and out making it very easy to build over and over again. Developing fine motor skills and hands on learning this truck is also a fabulous introduction to STEM learning that has got their creative juices flowing.

There are a big variety of different Design & Drill products that can be purchased from Learning Resources Uk so with a certain someones 4th birthday fast approaching I think we will definitely be looking to buy some more! Huge Thank you to learning resources for letting us review these wonderful products and I'd highly recommend popping over to their website for a little scout of these and all the other fab items they have in stock!

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