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Review - Vatos Toys

The boys were very kindly sent some toys from Vatos for us to review and they have been loving them. Lots of bright colours and made from good quality materials, we have been very impressed with these affordable and fun products.

First up was the dinosaurs, available to purchase from amazon for just over £20.

The set contains 6 brightly coloured dinos on wheels that each have a unique movement, eg turning head/flapping wings. If you pull the dinosaur back along the floor and release, they will travel forward like little cars. Anyone who knows the boys, will know their two favourite things to play with are cars and dinosaurs, so to have both in one toy has kept them entertained for hours.

Next up they received some construction vehicle toys. Like the dinosaurs the colours and materials were of great quality and pricing was around the £20 mark for the full set of 4, again available to purchase from Amazon.

Each vehicle has a unique movement related to the type of vehicle it is; tipping/digging etc. These movements are well made, components feel strong and secure - something that’s often a worry with toys for young kids.

The best thing about these vehicles is the friction motor, give them a gentle push forward or back and they go zooming off. This not only kept the kids entertained but also me and Dave. I’ve never seen this kind of mechanism before and it had me amazed.

Overall we are hugely happy with the toys gifted to us from Vatos. They are of good quality, fun and entertaining for the kids and a good price. These would make a great gift for any little one, we will be sure to keep an eye out for more Vatos toys in the future.

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