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Small World Play

There is nothing more that Leo loves than pretend play. He is always in his kitchen making cups of tea, cooking, cleaning or at his work bench being "Bob the Builder". Role play is hugely important for children's development and so I'm really happy he spends a huge amount of time and interest doing it; and if he keeps it up I'm sure he'll make the perfect husband one day.

His most recent favourite toy is Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner. The vacuum is battery powered with two settings, one spins all the beads inside around and the other produces working suction from the lift away hose. With 3 attachments and moving parts, you can really see the toy developing problem solving and motor skills. The only downside to this toy is that it doesn’t provide the suction of a real vacuum, because it’s never out of Leo’s hand, and I would have the cleanest house around if it fully worked 😂 currently on sale at Hello Baby Direct for £27.87

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