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Surviving The Preschool Holidays...

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

So considering Max only started preschool in January and only attends for 3 hours each morning, I didn’t think school holidays would be such a big deal...was I wrong 😳

We are only on day 3 of the Easter Holidays and Max has already asked to go to school approximately 3459854678654.9 times...I’m losing the will to live 🙈 It‘s fantastic that he enjoys it so much but also worrying me slightly as to how badly he’s going to react when we move. He’s made such a lovely group of friends and talks about his best friend ”F” on an hourly basis. Max is such a shy little boy, I really hope he settles into his new school quickly and makes equally nice friends. This is definitely the hardest part about military life, not the changes that happen to you, but the ones that upset your children!!!

Anyway back to plan “Survive Preschool Holidays” I figured if we had one set activity for each day, a walk and a decent play in the park or garden we should make it out alive. Thankfully living in Cyprus the weather 90% of the time is on your side, so outdoor activities are easy to plan. So far our agenda has consisted of baking cookies, a trip to the beach to build sand castles and have a paddle, soft play with friends and building dens with Daddy. We also have a scavenger hunt around the bondu (cyprus equivalent to woodland area) some Easter crafts, a couple of play dates and an Easter egg hunt planned for the following few days so I’m feeling pretty organise.

Do you guys have any fail proof kiddies activities that see you though the holidays!? I’d love to hear from you 😊

And finally the most import at part of the survival programme is to make sure and have a little “You” time at the end of each day. Be it a little pamper, long bath, quiet cuppa or even a cheeky cocktail you deserve and need that wind down time so your ready to tackle the day ahead ✨

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