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Updated: May 12, 2019

I realised we are well past the weaning stage but I thought it might be helpful for others to see the end results of different weaning styles. We weaned the boys in completely different ways and the way they eat now is miles apart...

This is Max.

Max is 3.5 years old.

Max likes beige food.

Max does not like vegetables.

Max likes food that takes zero effort to chew (think wheatbix and risotto).

Max would quite happily be spoon fed everything (and occasionally still is when he’s tired or being fussy and I just need him to eat what’s been made)

Max does not like mess.

This is Leo.

Leo is 20months old.

Leo will eat anything (including stuff he probably shouldn’t)

But Leo must do everything himself.

Leo will NOT be fed by anyone.

Leo also enjoys wearing his food, especially in his hair.

Can you guess which ways these two were weaned?

Max was your typical purée weaned baby. Even though the health visitors encouraged btw at 6 months, I was a first time mum who was A. terrified of the thought of my tiny baby choking on any sort of solid food and B. so excited for him to try new things I wanted to give him first tastes earlier than 6 months. In the beginning I loved the whole process of making him meals, puréeing them down and freezing in cute teeny tubs. We were also a massive fan of premade pouches, so easy to chuck in your bag and take out, we had eating nailed 💃🏼 #orsowethought

Roll onto 18month old Max, still eating baby food 7months+ pouches (yep 7, not even 10 or 12month+ as they were too chunky), he also occasionally ate dry cook chicken/beef but nothing in between, nothing lumpy, nothing saucy, he was a nightmare!!!!! Around this time Leo was born and I knew I needed to try a different approach with him when the time came. My hopes were that Max would see the baby eating normally and join in too which maybe happened a bit but not completely as he is still a very fussy eater.

Leo turned 6months before I had even given weaning a thought. Max was having his 2 year review with the health visitor when she reminded me that Leo was of age to start eating 🙈 #badparentalert Because he was old enough I didn’t give purées a second though and instead went straight in with a sandwich. No that’s not actually true, I went for cucumber but Leo had other ideas, chucked the veg and swiped my lunch instead 😂 He’s never looked back, Leo will eat nearly anything and has the appetite of a giant. He will under no circumstances be fed though, if you come at him with a spoon it will get snatched out your hand before it reaches his mouth. This is all good and well until he decides he’s had enough, you then have 0.2seconds to remove any remaining food from his grasp before it get smothered over him 🤢 daily baths are an essential.

I’m not sure there is a right or wrong way to wean, both the ways we did had pros and cons and I’m sure even if I’d done things differently with the boys, they may have still ended up exactly where they are now. Food pouches were handy for Max out and about and on demand, Leo on the other hand ate exactly what we ate so there was no need for extra food items to be carried. You can dress Max in the morning knowing he will remain clean (other than mess from playing) for the remainder of the day, Leo is best to eating naked and then be hosed down before dressing, this makes it especially awkward when eating out 🙈

How did you find weaning? Would you do anything differently now? Or have you not started yet and have any questions? I’d love to hear from you ✨

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